piektdiena, 2006. gada 15. decembris

The Cosatal Challenge

The Race

Philosophy - A Fresh Approach
Pura Vida = Pure Life. While embracing the spirit of adventure, discovery and camaraderie, The Coastal Challenge will afford you the opportunity to compete at your highest level against an international field in one of the longest, toughest and most memorable running events you will ever experience. We are confident that competitors, volunteers, organization staff and locals will be forever transformed and enriched by this unprecedented communal approach to expedition length racing.

Psychology - Face Your Fears
This could be one of the most challenging experiences of your life. We realize many people who want to attempt this may feel intimidated. Don’t be. This year we’ve incorporated a short course option (relatively speaking) that you can fall back on. In the Expedition category you will be tested and pushed to the very limits of human endurance. However, we have also created the shorter Adventure category. Not to be confused with a “fun run” or “walk in the park,” this will also test competitors. It will be tough. It will be a challenge. It will be rugged and exotic. But with the proper training and preparation, competitors should be able to compete and enjoy the experience at a level your body can handle. Come alone, in pairs or as a group. Race at your own individual pace and reunite at the end of each day.

Sociology - Siesta, Fiesta or both...Your decision
Our focus is living in the moment. Relax, fiesta, siesta and compare notes each evening with fellow competitors. The days will test your resolve while the nights will replenish your spirits.

Antropology - Local Flavor
You will have many opportunities to visit small pueblos, sand swept coastal towns and remote mountain villages. Brushing up on your Spanish might embolden you to strike up a conversation and interact with the local culture. You might also find yourself enjoying traditional Costa Rican dishes and stepping back in time to simpler, more tranquillo (tranquil) approach to life.

Geography - Migration Destination
The race ends once you’ve thoroughly explored the breathtaking North Western Coast of Costa Rica, ventured through inland lakes, windswept highlands, cloud forests of Monteverde and crossed the barren, bone-dry tropical forests and volcanic regions and finally come to within spitting distance of the Nicaragua border.
Although simple in concept, the race will prove to be extremely difficult in terms of distance, terrain and the tropical climate. The heat and sun will take their toll and you may be severely tested at times.All that said, if you enjoy long distance running or multi-sport competitions, the Coastal Challenge should prove the most affordable, hassle free and personally rewarding event you can mark on your 2007 race calendar.

otrdiena, 2006. gada 12. decembris

Zanes un Ievas unbelievable pasākums !

iz vēstures
jo tas daudz ko izskaidro un pie daudz kā vainojams

2005. gadā Zane ar Ievu saprata, ka skriet tikai sportazālē kļūst apnicīgi. Ka vajag skaistu, košu mērķi. Piedzīvojumu :)
2006. gada sākumā viņas piedalījās The Coastal Challenge skrējienā. Viss bija kā solīts: skaistā, mežonīgā daba milzu devās, karstums, smiltis, mitrums.

Un 250 km 6 dienās. Tam sekojošās tulznas, uzpampušās potītes un momentālas izmaiņas cilvēka vērtību sistēmā! :) Pasaules uztvere kļūst vienkārša, vajadzības samazinās līdz patiesi pirmās nepieciešamības līmenim.

Un beigās galvenā balva par to visu - sajūta, ka Tu vari tiešām visu šajā pasaulē, šajā dzīvē! VISU. ja gribi.

Cēlākā bilde.
Finiša taisne.